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Engine Swap. Need Help.

By Guest Gunner97, May 31, 2013 in Performance, Engines, Engine Swaps, Cornering

Guest Gunner97

Im wanting to do an engine swap in my 2010 toyota corolla s trying to make a good sleeper car for weekends at my local track in the corolla section. does anyone know what some direct matching bolt motors are that would help me get more power? (wanting to get at least 200hp out of the box) any help would be greatly apprecicated and thanks in advance.

Would the the 2010 toyota avalon motor match the bolt pattern?

Unfortunately, there are no other engines that will match exactly with the existing mounting points. But that could be said for other generations of the Corolla as well. Assuming you have the 1.8L engine?

The 2ZR-FE engine was optimized for fuel economy first. Typical bolt ons (header, intake, exhaust, piggyback/standalone EMS) all help the throttle response and sound of the engine, but unfortunately don't gain much (handful of HP max).

On possible option is to swap in the larger Toyota corporate motors - the 2.4L 2AR-FE (157-166HP) or the 2.5L 2AZ-FE (169-180HP). Being larger in displacement - they generally respond better to the same mods as applied to the 1.8L 2ZR-FE.

Cost, fabrication requirements, and time will be significant with an engine swap.

If you are looking at a near 200HP sleeper car with only occasional track use. Nitrous injection might fit the bill the best. Best bang for the buck, engine is stout enough for a 50HP shot all day long, some have claimed to even run a 75HP shot without issues on the stock engine.

You haven't mentioned suspension - corollas have all been tuned to run a bit soft, suspension wise, even modest upgrades to the suspension and brakes can yield huge gains in overall vehicle handling. As long as you don't go extreme with a massive drop - most people couldn't even tell you're running better springs.

Keep in mind, with any mods, larger and/or more powerful engines require additional considerations - cooling has to be accounted for, steady oil supply is critical, will the transaxle hold under power, braking system can handle the upgraded power, tires, wheels, chassis balance, etc. Its great to want more power - but it might be easier to go the opposite way. Lighten the car, sharpen the handling, traction and braking, run a larger oil sump with proper baffling - make the most of the available car instead of beating it with more power. Also, depending on the track - certain mods means you're bumped into different racing class (SCCA or NASA sancitioned events usually).

Guest A. Hill

Guest A. Hill

Trying to do a swap as well... not for performance, just bringing my car back to life.

Here is my dilemma:

I own a 2008 Scion xD with the 2ZRFE-ZSP110 (Toyota part no. 19000-37320) with a 5-spd manual transmission.I have access to a JDM replacement but the engine is from a 2009 Corolla which has the 2ZRFE-ZRE142 (Toyota part no. 19000-37310)My concern is that although this is the same engine (2ZRFE), that it will not fit as they have different designation through the ZSP110 and ZRE142.I was hoping that there was a cross reference or something in the Toyota database that would indicate fitment but unfortunately, if there is, I cannot find it and neither can the service or parts department at my local dealer.Any insight would be greatly appreciated as this is my only affordable option and I desperately need my car for work and replacement is just not an option right now.  I have even contacted the 2ZR product line manager at the plant in WV, he was not 100% sure/

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