Weird Instrument Behavior In 2013 Corolla

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Got my 2013 Corolla L Monday (my third) and love it.

Two things I want to pass on in case another member gets a 2013.

When you start engine, the tach and speedo needles move far right then go back to normal. Dealer says they all do it this year, some kind of a power up routine but not described in manual.

The TPMS reset button is hard to find. The manual points to an area on the driver's side of the dashboard panel, but the switch is really under the panel itself below the spot where the arrow points.

By the way, for the first time, the OEM tires seem good, Continental with a 580 wear rating. Nice ride and grippy.

My 2011 Corolla instruments react the same as yours. Also have the Continental tires on it. The tires seem to handle best at 33psi inflation.

One of the conditions I outlined with the dealer when searching was NO Goodyear tires.

Upon startup, the gauges of my '09 Corolla S act the same. I think they do in most cars these days.

As for the TPMS, the indicator for it lit earlier this year, and when I brought my tires up to pressure, the light went off by itself. Never did find the reset button.