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Rear Wheel Bearings

Guest MacDawg

1999 Corolla........How many miles can Rear Wheel bearings last? I just today replaced Front Wheel bearings & was curious.....alot more load up front for sure...

Varys from car to car - depends on what loads it experienced over its lifetime. Accidentally laterally tapping a curb on icy roads, hauling heavy loads, towing, strut and spring condition, maintenance on the car, etc. - all can influence the bearing lifespan.

Rear wheel bearings failures are not really a common issue on the 8th gen (1998-2002) Corollas - more often seems to affect the 9th gen (2003-2008) Corollas. Fronts I can see wearing over time, as you said, they see the brunt of the load/see the most work. The rears generally don't see much, unless you tow a trailer or see the back end of the car involved in an accident.

On my own 2002 with over 205K miles, still riding on the original wheel bears all around. Majority of my daily commuting is highway - so pretty low stress on the car overall. But I also occasionally tow with the Corolla, and early on its life - was my only means to move large bulky objects (ex, moved a 7' bar box pool table with the Corolla - set the table on my Yakima roof rack, originally intended for my bikes - talk about a high CG!). If they are worn, not enough to be noticeable at this point.

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