Auto Headlight Come On Override On Startup Fix Possible?

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greetings,on the 04 auto as you know upon startup and driveing the headlights automatically come on. i would like to be able to manually turn them on and off at will. while waiting for a train at night be nice to turn off headlights instead of turning off car,restarting in the park and idleing untill resume driveing ,shifting into drive for them to come back on. i think this is a matter of removeing the floor console and doing something to the wireing harness?. anybody have a fix or idea? thnks.

Depends on what features you want to retain, ie. DRLs.

Sounds like you want full manual control - could be as easy as removing the DRL relay, as that is tied to the Twilight Sentinal system that are your automatic lighting.

Here are sites that might be of use:

Instructions point to 9th gen Corollas and the 1st gen Matrix/Vibe - which are comparable. Most involve cutting a wire, which I try to avoid if at all possible. Better to un-pin it from the connector - they make tools to specifically do that, so that you can return the car to the OEM state, when you decide to trade it in or sell it down the road.

^^^ Only on some cars, doesn't seem to work on the Toyotas, least all the ones that I've owned with DRLs and auto lights. On my Toyotas, lights stay off or burn at lower intensity if the car is just started and not put into gear, regardless if the e-brake is engaged or not.

thanks for the site info Mr. Fish i will check into and see how it goes.