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How Much For A 2013 Corolla

By Guest 911247666, February 20, 2013 in Toyota Corolla (2009 until 2018-19 “TNGA”)

Guest 911247666

On average how much should a 2013 Corolla cost me.? I'm getting $17K to $19k from different dealers

Need a bit more information. Depends on your market - US, Canada, overseas. Also local pricing can vary wildly, depending on demand - trim level and equipment level you are looking at will also greatly influence the pricing.

According to this article from USNEWS - looking at the base, LE, and S trim levels (auto and manual transaxles):

MSRP: $16230 - $19060

Average: $16409 - $18972

Invoice: $15338 - $17663

So your pricing from $17K-$19 is about ballpark for the 2013 Corolla

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