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Tsb-0124-11 For 2011 Corollas With Automatic

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Anyone know if service bulletin TSB-0124-11 applies to all 2011 Corollas with automatic transmission - or does it only apply to those made before a certain date? ( I haven't seen a complete copy of this bulletin. Accounts on the web say that it concerns reprogamming the car's computer to fix problems that cause erratic variation in RPM whle driving at roughly constant speeds.)

I just purchased a 2011 Corolla with 6K miles on it from the local Toyota Dealer. They consulted a Toyota data base and it says that the service bulletin TSB-0124-11 has not been applied to the car. The service department says service bulletins are not used unless the owner reports the problem. I'm curious whether this bulletin applies to all Corollas manufactured in 2011 or just to those made before a certain date.

TSB are only applied if your car exhibits those symptoms that are addressed on the TSB. Some cars do not have the harsh transaxle engagement, delayed deceleration, and idle speed drop during cruise - so the TSB doesn't apply. As far as I know it only affected the 2011 model year so far, not everyone experiences these issues. Those that have applied the TSB without issues, seemed to have lost some overall MPG in the process.


Those that have applied the TSB without issues, seemed to have lost some overall MPG in the process.

I've read that the instantaneous MPG readout jumps to "99.9" when the car has the problem. I wonder if that adds phantom data to to what the car's computer reports.

Possibly - though it is hard to say for sure. As that reading might just be the resolution of that particular data channel, might use something completely different to calculate AVG fuel economy.

My RAV4 trip function is pretty close to what I actually calculate from the pump - but there are times where I see a 10-15% variance in actual MPG and ECM calculated MPG. Same with my old Dodge Dakota - but it and my RAV4 will peg 99.9MPG on the instantaneous MPG display under deceleration and coasting. Sometimes I'll see it when I accelerate quickly as well.

EDIT: Found a link to that TSB

Looks like it is restricted to certain VDS (Vehicle Descriptor Section) values. That would be the 6 character value (4th through the 9th digit positions in the VIN). Which if I read correctly - affects both the Corolla and Matrix running the 1.8L dual VVTi engine.

Hope that helps.


Thank you. Mine is JTDBU4EE7.... so it applies. Why I can't be this "lucky" with the lottery?


Anybody had this done in Canada. My dealership cannot find the TSB for my 2011 Corolla for Canada.