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Cruise Control

By johnandcolleen, April 24, 2012

i have a 1999 corolla with factory cruise control, it has stopped working, the green light on the dash comes on but it fails to engage. any thoughts?

Could be a number of things. Have you tried to accelerate under cruise (using the accel feature on the stalk)? Have you tried setting the cruise at different speeds? Note that most cruise control units have a minimum speed before cruise works, generally around 25-35MPH.

Most of the cases where there is no code set and no mechanical issue - it turns out to be a bad control stalk/switch. The light might still come one, but the controls don't reach the cruise control system. It acts like you didn't give any commands. This can be checked via handheld or old-fashioned debugging. Don't be tempted to swap parts unless the part has a money back warranty, in case the stalk turns out to be fine.

thanks for the response, please explain the handheld or debugging you were telling me about.

thanks again


A handheld scanner is used to connect to the diagnostics port on the car and directly query the on-board computer. There are many handhelds units available - some are very basic, just pull check engine light codes, some have a data logging or freeze-frame capability - actually recording dynamic parameters are the car is running - this would be the most basic one that could be able to check/debug your cruise control. The one that will definitely work to diagnose this, is the Toyota factory service handheld scanner - more embedded computer than scanner. Would have to go to a dealership to have this hooked up - you can also buy your own, but they can be quite costly. One with a service package for continued software updates with the scanner might run in the hundreds to thousands of dollars.


how difficult is it to replace the stalk switch? i assume the steering wheel have to come off.

At the very least - the center horn section has to come off. I can't remember if the connector and wiring run under the spiral connector - if they do, then that will have to pull the steering wheel as well. Had to do that on the 2003 Matrix I had before - steps were:

- disconnect negative battery terminal

- make sure steering wheel is straight

- remove horn assembly

- pull steering wheel

- pull switch assembly

- recenter the spiral cable assembly

- reinstall steering wheel

- reinstall horn assembly

- reconnect battery

- check for warning lamps

On both my '01 and '03 Corollas, the cruise control would/can engage as low as 25 MPH. Are you going at least that fast?

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