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1991 Wiper Relay

By Guest Rick K, January 23, 2012 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest Rick K

Hi All,

I have an old 1991 Corolla and the wipers quit. It is not the wiper motor. Does this car have a wiper relay? If so, where is it?

The local dealership shows no part location or number.

I looked all through a car at the Pick And Pull, but found no relay.



Read somewhere that '91 Corollas had some problems with corrosion on the wiper mechanisms. You may want to do a mechanical check first, and if the mechanisms are okay, you can assume the problem is in the electrical system.

Guest Rick K

I found an electrical schematic online and downloaded it (PDF File). As far as I can tell, the wiper relay is integrated into the

combination switch somehow. I will be going back to the dismantlers tomorrow and take one apart.

Much better to screw up on a car going to the crusher, than a daily driver. default_smile


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