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Cv Axle Questions For 1992 Corolla

By TOALing, October 18, 2011 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm


The person in the last video isn't me, but I hear VERY similar things when I drive around in my car. I will say my CV boots appear to be in good condition though...

If I was, as a beginner to car repairs, to decide to fix this on my own, would it be a large undertaking? I plan to take my car to a mechanic and have them diagnose the issue to be sure this is what it is and then go from there. I have both the Haynes manual and the official repair manual for my car to go from as well.

Oh yes, when I say beginner, I mean my knowledge of car repairs mostly applies to maintenance such as oil changes and changing fluids.

To me, that doesn't sound like a CV joint issue - sounds more like a suspension related noise, as the road that person was traveling was pretty rough. CV joint noises are more of a metallic clicking / tapping sound that is generally follows wheel speed. That sounds was more of a heavier thumping noise, seems to be pretty intermittent / random.

CV Joint / axle replacement is within the reach of most accomplished DIYer, but for a newbie - can be a little of a challenge. Not that is it hard, but generally will need more tools and feel comfortable with removing major sections of the suspension.

I would do a quick visual inspection under the car - especially around the areas close to the front sway bar and the suspension (strut/coil spring assembly), upper strut mount, endlinks to the sways, and steering components (tierod ends in particular). Might have to use two sets of jacks to put to and unload the suspension, in checking for the source of the noise. Might also consider have a good shop do the initial diagnostic for you and pinpoint the problem area for you. Then you can decide if you want to deal with that job or not.

Sorry for the extremely late followup, but it turns out that my issue was not the CV axle. Although it turns out the ball bearings were in fact on the way out, this did not get rid of the wobbling noise I'm experiencing.

I guess I'll just start back from the beginning. When this first popped up, it was during the winter when I was having to drive really hard to power through piles of snow in my neighborhood. What I notice is that whenever I drive my car, there is a wobbling noise in the front end as if something is ajar or loose. It seems to be most obvious in reverse, but I also hear it normally while driving down the street. Though I don't know if this is related, one thing I have noticed of late is that if I rotate the steering wheel while at a stop light, the front end seems to idle really bad for a temporary time period. Also, depending on how I park in a parking space with one of those little cement blocks, I notice I feel a knocking that I didn't feel before.

I haven't really noticed anything loose or off looking when I look under the car, so I'm not sure what it could be. Any other ideas?

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