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Good Torque Wrench?

By cirrus, October 3, 2011

Hi....I did a quick forum search and didnt find anything...but I'm looking for a good torque wrench just to tighten my 2005 Corolla(and a Civic)lugnuts.

I know Snap-on are pretty good but way to $$....and Craftmens where good. The brand Lowes sells get good ratings but to do lugnuts I'm at the limits(as far as accuracy..the 20/80% rule) of both their wrenches. Any suggestions for a 150ft/lb range wrench?


For that sort of range (50-150ft,lbs) - Craftman's and Lowe's ones will be fine. Of course you'd like to be in the meat of the range and not too close to the limits (with the 3/8" drive), but for lugs - that is more than accurate enough, lot better than the torque tubes quicklube and tire shops use.

For in-pounds sort of range, you'll have to go with something like Snap-On. For lugnuts - 3/8" or 1/2" drive torque wrench will do just fine.

The Lowes ones were 100 or 250ft/lbs which puts you right at the edge of the limits with each one though the 250 would give more "room". The best one would be a 150lb'er. At first I raced to the Craftsmen but now I see alot of issues with them...sound like low Q china junk. The Lowes(forget who makes them...was a brand name)gets good think for lugs the 250ft/lb its okay? Probably is.

That Lowe's 250ft.lbs would be just perfect. That will also be useful for any future suspension work, as those are in the 150-200 ft.lbs range.

Kobalt tools are "made" by Snap-On - probably not the exact same blanks and forgings, but they have the engineering know-how from Snap-On. There is also a mix of US and China made Kobalt tools - sometimes you get a mixed set in one of there contractor or multi-piece sets. I've got a good mix of Craftsman, Kobalt, and Husky sets - I actually prefer the Kobalt and Husky over the Craftman ones, atleast from a price point view. Reviews of them are quite good - and myself, I have nothing but praise for their quality.

They don't hold a candle to older MAC, Snap-On, Allen, Proto, or Matco tools - but as a "hobbyist", can't justify spending a small fortune in tools that will likely sit in a drawer collecting dust.

Thanks Fish!!! I did some more digging last night and some of the car message board "experts" say that another company(forget its name now) makes the t-wrenches for both Snap-On and Lowes Kobolt line. If so its probably why the Lowes one does get very good reviews. Sounds good to me...get one this weekend as my local store usually has one in stock.

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