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1995 Clutch Slipping

By Guest thedaltonator4, September 26, 2011 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest thedaltonator4

ok so sorry that im new here guys! but ive had my 95 for 170,000 miles... and the clutch is slipping... now im just looking for maybe a home remedy for how to help fix it or a step by step guide... and is it worth it?

thanks guys!!!

If it is just the clutch - then yes, worth the effort/cost to repair it. 7th gen Corollas have a rep for lasting a long time, as long as you stay on top of the maintenance.

As for a DIY job, it is doable, but also depends on how comfortable you feel doing it - what experience you've had. Clutch can be replaced without pulling the engine, just dropping the transaxle - but can be pretty tough. There are a couple of DIY writeups in this forum for sure - might have to search some past posts to get to it.

Not sure what you meant by "home remedy" - as for a DIY clutch disck / throwout bearing / pressure plate / flywheel servicing - then yes, it can be done by you. As for a band-aid, temporary fix - if the clutch disc is worn, there is no other fix than replacing it. In fact, running on a bad disc can hasten damage to other components to your powertrain, not to mention be a safety issue on the road - then no, there is no miracle additive or spray or etc that you can do to "fix" a worn clutch.

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