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1996 Corolla - Vibrations

By Guest apie10, December 12, 2004 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest apie10

Hi guys,

I recently noticed that when I drive my 1996 corolla at speeds 65mph and over, the car begins to vibrate. It starts off being hardly noticeable, but as the speed increases the vibrations get rougher. I rotated the tires and had them balanced as well. The mechanic who inspected it said it could be a bad rear wheel bearing. I wanted to swing the idea past you guys for your opinions. Thanks!


If you have NO bent wheels and they are Properly balanced and have a good alignment done, then a Wheel bearing can cause that problem. Get a second opinion at another place, just tell them that your car vibrates and you've had a recent alignment and balancing done, and see what they say.

How many miles did you have on those tires before rotating them? I went through two sets of tires that started vibrating, and I suspect it was because I didn't have them rotated often enough. Tire rotation didn't take care of the problem, and once I had them rebalanced, with no help. I was given excuses like, "You need new struts and springs". The problem went away with a new set of tires each time.

This last time, I decided to go with a different tire shop. This one has free rotation and tire balancing for the life of the tire. I've had the tires rotated/balanced twice, and still I have no vibrations at high speeds. This is the longest I've gone on a set of tires in the last 120,000 miles without vibration.

It is possible that you have developed an out-of-round tire, and a rebalance and tire rotation won't get rid of that.

2000ve corolla 127000Km. Not a single problem so far. Mostley HWY driving. Best car I have ever owend.

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