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New Guy Here.

By Nusdogg, January 7, 2011

Hey guys. Well, I was searching Prizm LSi 4AGE swap on Google and I saw that there's this site and so I decided to join cause I'm also on ToyotaNation[dot]com. I have a '95 Prizm LSi Auto that I bought for only $400.00 from my work place since someone traded it in. It had 199K when I got it and now it's got 224K on the cluster. The 7AFE motor under the hood of my Prizm has excessive piston to cyl wall clearence because there's some noticeable piston noises at cold start up and goes away as the piston expand when it gets hotter in the engine, so I'm thinking about swapping in a 4AGE Silver Top; otherwise, might just do another 7AFE motor for simplicity but still not sure as yet. Here's a vid of my '95 Prizm LSi 1.8L 7AFE:

I also have a 1994 Honda Accord EX and I did a JDM H22A swap along with a JDM F20B T2T4 LSD 5spd trans. I built the head with Skunk2 Pro2 cams, Skunk2 Pro valvetrains, Skunk2 Pro cam gears, Hytech Rep header, 3" intake piping, 2.5" hi-flow cat, 2.5" exhaust piping with Apex WS2 muffler, Red Wrinkle Valve Cover, etc. Too much to list and just wanted to give you guys an idea of my Honda Accord as it's my summer/weekend car thats why I bought the Prizm as a Winter/Daily beater. I do have some knowledge about cars and will be done with Auto Tech in May; anyways, here's a few pictures of my Accord:

Nice! Welcome to the forums.

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