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Went Somewhere, Took Photos.

By Bitter, November 1, 2010

Actually the GF with her Nikon D60 did the taking of photos.

and one that I made...

I see a green door and I want to paint it black. default_wink

I'm sure that place was hopping back in the 40s. Some of those gutted multi-story shots make me think 'Soviet Union.'

The long porched building looks like it could be from around here along the tracks. You are giving me ideas. Not that I have a DSLR.

Cool! Liked the one with the Woolly Bear caterpillar - haven't seen those in years, not since I moved from Ohio.

old munitions factory, there are 3 more compounds over a mile long like that one and acres and acres of bunkers, barracks, rail yard, housing, etc.

Good shots. Where I live we have the Bethlehem Steel. Place was built in the 1800s, being slowly torn down for a casino/hotel complex. I've taken lots of pictures over the years but I'd love to get inside the way you did there.

Ghost , I was thinking the same thing.

I been to Russia 2 time. 1 week trip spent in Moscow.

Then I had a month long trip 1 day in Moscow, 3 in SPB, 1 day in Ufa, and 27 day in Orenburg.

I can tell you that in Ufa and Orenburg they kept a lot of old factories and buildings up and above ground pipes.

The villages there are really lost in time some of the building look like a tank shot in the the building. All of the plumbing there is above ground.

I took a bus from Ufa to Orenburg, and a train to SPB so I seen a lot of the country side.

Hell they still have toilet that are level with the ground, feels like you are using a litter box and out houses

Only a few pics look like Russia

Guest Huskertacoma

Naval arms depot built during WWI. Near Hastings or Grand Island, Nebraska?

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