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1992 Corolla Transmission Hose Leak

by Old Cat September 10, 2010 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Hey everyone - I've got a 92 Corolla with 225,000 miles. I just had the transmission replaced and everything was running perfectly. Last night I noticed a trail of transmission fluid following my car into the garage. Upon inspection, it appears that one of the hoses down around the bottom of the transmission is leaking where it connects to the metal pipe coming from the transmission. When the car is started, transmission fluid literally pours from this connection. It's a about 3/4" hose, and it appears that this is the original hose and clamp. My assumption is that the clamp is no longer sufficient and/or the hose is cracked at the connection point. My assumption would be to repair this issue I should:

1) disconnect the hose

2) get replacement hose and clamps from auto store (will they have such?)

3) replace the hose

4) refill the transmission fluid (how much?)

Does this make sense? What am I missing? I'm handy with cars, but never played much in the transmission area so any advice / corrections appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Sounds like one of the cooling hoses that run from the transaxle to the radiator ripped or was damaged in the replacement process. Your process list is pretty much all there is to it. Replace the cooler line (recommend that you considered replacing both of them, assuming the prices aren't outrageous and you can find them in stock) - and refill the transaxle.

Pretty sure this generation still used the A131L transaxle - 3-speed automatic. Since the cooling line was ripped, it is possible that you were able to pump out more fluid than what is typically consistent with what a pan drop and refill will cover (usually around 2.5 quarts). System total capacity is close to 8 quarts - some in the transaxle and about 1.5 quarts in the separate differential. Differential will have its own drain and refill port - but highly recommended to change out this fluid, as it is commonly overlooked in most shops.

Well it turned out to be not too bad - $12 in parts (mostly new transmission fluid). Had a bear of a time getting a tight fit on the clamp going to the transmission, but finally got it sealed good. I've put in 1 1/2 quarts of new transmission fluid - adding slowly and checking based upon overfilling threads.

In reference to the differential side, the shop that had just installed this transmission said they drained, filled, and checked that side - so I think it's good. Of course, I'm assuming that the leaking only effect the fluids on the main transmission...

Thanks for the advice - Old Cat

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