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I got awesome news today!

I've been fretting for the last six months about what I was going to replace my Solara with.

I really needed to lower my payment and I didn't want to drive a 10 year old car to do it.

Toyota has been really good to me and even though I'm living in Metro Detroit, I really wanted to stay with my Toyota.

Today I got an offer I couldn't refuse from my dealer back home.

They took my Solara back six months early, ate the over miles and bought out all the payments.

Tomorrow they are driving my new 2010 Corolla S up here to Michigan and taking the Solara back home.

It's a Super White S with a black interior, all the toys, including sunroof but not bluetooth or nav and its an Auto.

I'm happy to be back in the Corolla Family.

Nice! You going to miss the Solara? The 10th gen have really bumped up the interior appointment compared to the older Corollas, but I don't think it is up there with its bigger brothers quite yet.

Not going to miss the Solara. It had huge blind spots was really slow and honestly really sloppy when it came to handling.

I agree the 10th generation is better appointed than the previous models. It is not a downgrade from the Solara in my eyes as it has all the same features plus a couple more. It is most definately nicer than my 2005 LE which I had custom ordered to get all the toys.

I'm glad to be back.

They delivered her today and I love my new 'Rolla

Its very spiffy inside and out. The feature content is awesome for a small car.

Although the interior is black, it doesn't get too hot (white car) and it looks really good, not too dark since the upper half of the interior is gray.

I like the EPS feel, heavier at higher speeds and the handling is tight but the ride isn't too firm.

The acceleration is peppy and the fuel economy is good according to the trip computer (300 mile trip from Ohio to Michigan 37.7 mpg)

Its a very different feel from the Solara, but not in a bad way.

It doesn't feel heavy, slow and bulky like the Solara did.

Also, the driving position is better than either the Solara or the 2005 Corolla I had.

I think I'm going to really like this one.

Sweet! Stellar mileage for a brand new car, only imagine what that will be like once it starts to break-in. Might have to check the new 10th gen Corollas more closely.


Very nice!

wow, 37mpg! i really should consider a smaller car...

i am lucky at 21mpg on my truck.