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By Bitter, April 23, 2010

I first heard you about 6 miles back, the deep 'brrraappp' of the exhaust piqued my interest. I sped up slightly through traffic to see just what you were, a dark green Eagle Talon ES, the ES barely visible. The deep tone emanating from your poorly made axle back was a curiosity to me, but then you noticed my Celica and began to weave away from me through traffic. Try as you may though, I never lost sight of you, simply looking for other people slamming on their brakes as you cut them off in an effort to be first in line at that long red light. We keep up this cat and mouse game, I admire how you enjoy pushing your clutch in and revving your engine while driving or rolling back atleast one foot at every stop light. We finally meet matched up at a 4 way stop, you wait for me to pull to the line not seeing my left directional signal is engaged. I look over, you look over at me...I blush slightly as you rev the engine. You drop your right foot while lifting your left and proceed to hop and chirp atleast one of your front drive wheels while I casually turn left with a small smirk on my face. I hope we can do this again some other afternoon kid, it was fun.

Ha Ha!

Good times. default_cool

Been there, done that, many times over! Funny how it always works out the same way! But the older I get, the less inclined I am to "play" with these retards. Also, I have a CDL and I make my living with it, so there's that.

I avoid playing with the tards but can't help but mess with one from time to time. give them the 'look' and then drive normally while they peel out across an intersection like a moron.

LOL...sounds like my morning commute to work. During a 25 mile ride to work you're always likely to see this.

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