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1992 Corolla

By roly, April 9, 2010 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

hello all i recentlly decided to put a new battery in the 1992 corolla that has been siting in my driveway for five yrs darn thing started right up i wanted to know where i can buy parts such as coil overs or strut spring combos performance type // and a body kit for it so i can get it painted it has 66,000 miles on it it would be a shame to sell it for parts i rather make it into a project i dont see many hooked up 92 corollas out there on the road i would be gratefull for any advise or point me in the right direction

My advice is to be careful, five years sitting may cause, or bring out, a lot of expensive things that you will experience now that you are driving it.

put a bottle of lucas in the gas tank filled it up an drove it for 100 miles runs like a champ does HAVE EXSECIVE steering role and bumps in the road are felt bad could be struts are gone car rides close to the ground otherthan that no prob

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