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Turn Signal Replacement On 94 Corolla.

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94 RoLLa DX


Ok, so today I will be receiving new turn signals. I ordered clear ones on the internet. I'm guessing I have to go out and buy amber bulbs, because I am guessing that the stock turn signal bulbs are clear. I just have a removing the turn signal pretty easy? I have a 1994 DX, so I am guessing all I have to do is remove the screw, slide the signal over so it clears the tab that keeps it in place, and reach around the back and spin it until it pops out? The only problem is, I noticed when I remove the screw and pop the signal out, I don't have much play. The cord for the bulb is very short, not allowing me much room to reach my hand in and undo the light. Hopefully this makes sense to you guys, I just woke up, so not all of it may be written correctly, haha. Anyways, I hope someone can help me out, thanks !


how did it go?

btw, you prob don't need to change bulbs. yes, the stock are "white", but most light bulbs are kinda yellowish. unless you local police are a stickler, i wouldnt worry.