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2009 Corolla Oil Filter Change-pictorial

By Guest Bill987, June 3, 2009 in Toyota Corolla (2009 until 2018-19 “TNGA”)

Go here to see photos of how to replace the oil filter on a 2009 Corolla.

New type filter. The filter removal tool got stuck on the cap, so I just left it there.


how long does it take you compared to the old filter ??

How much is the filter ??


The tool will vibrate loose and fall off when you drive.

You will need to get another tool for the next oil filter change.

I once used an oil filter wrench like that and the filter was so tight that the hole for the extension stripped.

I had to throw it away.

I also had to stab the filter with a long screwdriver to turn it.

I finally got it off and put the new filter on without any wrench (it is only supposed to be hand-tight).

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