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By Bitter, March 1, 2009

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Cool. Colortune - that's something that I haven't heard of in a long time. Wasn't even sure they still made those things.

i bought mine as 'new old stock' on ebay for $75 about 3 years ago, i LOVE the thing. in about 10 minutes (including warm up time) i had that 10hp kohler running smoother and cleaner than she's ever had it running in all the years she's owned it. it smells alot better, smokes alot less, and runs ALOT smoother. left it on the rich side of blue (blue with tinges of orange) at high speed and got it pretty perfect blue at idle and lower speeds. it was running full orange (rich) at high speed and slightly orange at idle. i had tuned it by ear but was off because this engine is odd. it runs smooth at one spot but is too rich and gets really rough as you lean it out but then when its right gets smooth again. when i was tuning by ear i would hit the rough patch and stop then go back richer thinking i was going too lean when i was not. bizzare! hopefully now it will also sip gas more gently and the oil will not dirty as quickly.

she'll be using it for a snow thrower in the winter so i'll go back and re-check/adjust on a cold day to make sure its right in the cold...but it should be OK. she thought it was pretty interesting and had no idea how violent it was inside there. she was pretty floored by the way the flames just shot around inside and spun and popped. its pretty awesome to watch i'll admit. her neighbor across the street is an old harley dude, i may be lending it out to him default_tongue those pigs run so rich from the factory its obnoxious.

got the snow thrower mounted on and the machine looks beastly, like something from a horror movie. we through about throwing some blood red paint into it when it was going full tilt.

ran out of steam to get the lights setup, do it later.

Can't wait to see it - should be awesome.

when its done i'll put up some pictures, it starts soo easy. after sitting unused for a week it took 1/2 choke to start and after 3 minutes of idle at low speed it was warm enough to increase throttle and drive it forward. still have a nagging slow leak in the front left tire that needs to be fixed. i'll have to get some soapy water in a spray bottle and see where its leaking. it had a rim leak that her neighbor fixed, but i dont think he got the rim cleaned up enough. i'll get the tire off and take the rim to work and clean it to bare metal and remount the tire with some auto bead sealer. default_cool that oughta seal it up!

it took 3 of us about 15 minutes to get the belt routing for the snow thrower from the power take off correct. not our shining moment there.

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