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What A Gem

By Bitter, January 19, 2009

Unfortunantly, lots of guys like him pop all over different forums. Heard of parts here and there, soem big names, and then spouts them all over the place as gospel truth - regardless if the apply to the part at hand. Guys like that - I usually post FAIL - unless there are pics included. Usually ends up with interesting results - like the one guy that posted that he had a tricked out Mercedes - ended up being someone elses car (the poster just "stole" the pics from another site and claimed that they were his own). The original owner jump on the boards and the bashing followed shortly.

yea, i think this guy has slunk off with his tail between his legs

i was sort of hoping he'd stick around and get moved to offtopic, but then i remembered that most auto forums are pretty tame compared to club3g where i spend a good deal of time. their OT is like a whole nother site, it has its own rules even and people are comedy banned on a whim.

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