Winter Tires And Mpg

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So my 2000 Corolla has just hit its first winter here in New Hampshire, and I had a couple of questions if anyone had any helpful advice they wanted to share.

First I had a question about tires. So I purchased this car used about a year ago and I am not sure what kind of tires it has on it (I have looked all over them, but I don't see a name anywhere). I have, however, gotten stuck in the snow a couple of times, and I was wondering if I needed to get some different tires. Living in New Hampshire, is it reasonable to just use all season tires, or should I really be looking at snow tires? Also does anyone have any recommendations on some good winter snow tires (I have read the posts below on some good all season tires and I will look into those)? On a side note, this is my first car and I have never purchased tires before. As a general rule are there places to get some good deals or avoid all together when shopping for tires?

Secondly, during the summer I had been getting about 38 mpg with my car (I don't use the AC) but now I am only getting about 30 mpg. I have talked to some people and they said that in the winter you get worse gas milage cause the cold air is thinner. Does this sound right? Seems like there could be something I could adjust to fix this.

Thanks for any advice!

Totally normal to get lower mpg in winter due to winter blend gasoline, and the car not running at peak efficiency because of the cold and higher idle at start-up.

Snow-tires - Bridgestone Blizzak is a good choice; Michelin & Pirelli also offers nice snows. Check out for more ideas. Try to avoid using the high-volume discounter tire places. Check your local BBB to see who has a good rep. My Corolla does okay with its all-seasons, but I'm south o' the Mason-Dixon line and don't see massive amounts of snow. That said, the occasional foot or so does fall, and it hasn't stopped me yet.