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Just Bought An '04 Corolla S...

Here is your Toyota car information!

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Guest mattnewby04

Hey there Toyota lovers,

I just purchased a 2004 Toyota Corolla S with 55,000 miles on it. It's in pristine condition and everything's working properly. The carfax report came back clean and generally I LOVE this car.

Here's the thing: I've only had it two days and I've noticed that before it warms up, it idles high (around 1900 rpm), then slowly drifts down to about 1400 rpm and stays there until I've driven it a considerable distance. After that, it'll idle normally around 900 rpm, but it's a rough idle with alot of vibration. I took it to a dealer mechanic and they adjusted the belt on it and that was it...anything else that I should check for or known causes for this?

Also, I noticed that the engine sounds a little louder than I'm used to. I've driven VW's and Ford's before this car, so maybe I'm not used to this car?

Comments, suggestions and questions are appreciated...thanks


Pretty normal to have the very high idle when cold, especially in winter. There's a thread somewhere about "hunting idle" that has to do with when that noise and vibe are NOT normal. Mine is so high and loud it's embarrassing, but, it's okay - just normal for the 03-08s. You might want to clean your throttle body - a dirty one will give you a rough idle - check on plug situation, too. The Corolla engine is pretty noisy, owing largely to it having a timing chain as opposed to belt. Welcome to Corolland!