New Wheels 07 S

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I am putting some links to pics i have on myspace. Just looking to see what yall think about my 07. If you cant view the pics or if you can, could some post to let me know either way. Thanks. Ok the myspace thing did not work out. Lets try this.

I changed them to photobucket, let me know if they still cant be viewed.

The wheels look pretty clean - not 100% sure if they really match the Super White finish of the Corolla, especially when you have the charcoal tint and dark vent visors. All you need is a little drop to complete the look - get rid of that 4x4 look, and close up that wheel gap.

I'd also lose the fart cannon and windshield banner - those sort of take away from the clean look you already have everywhere else. Interior is pretty decent - maybe find an intermediate color scheme - so it doesn't go from nearly black/dark grey to white - some sort of transition.

Well i figure when its time to change the struts i will give it some adjustables with a inch to inch and a half drop. That i do agreee with. I have toyed with and intermedite interior color, but i will have to wing that. Surely i cant loose the fart can, it sounds pretty good, and its tucked up under there , the pic makes it stick out a bit because of the angle. Just ordered a new head unit with XM , that my next project along with cutting in a scangauge II into the console.

Thanks for the input so far.