Wheels Fall Off Without Drive Shafts In Place -

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After getting a warning from the city worker about having a car up on jackstands in the driveway, I decided to move it into my garage.

It has no transmission and I had removed both drive shafts. I re-installed the crossmember and supported the engine, before down-jacking it.

When I tried pushing the car, the wheel just about fell off. The inner bearing race fell out and the wheel leaned over to the side.

I had already removed the rotor and the brake assembly (the assembly was hanging by bungee cords).

The only thing holding the wheel on was the four studs attached to the hub, riding on the wheel bearing.

I jacked it up and put the remanufactured drive shafts in that I purchased from Kragen Autoparts.

I also supported the opposite ends of the shafts with bungee cords.

I was able to roll the car without the wheels falling off and now it is in the garage.

Tomorrow I will remove the wheels, take out the drive shafts (easier to install after next transmission is in), and also drop the cross member.

It will all be done in the garage and the city should have no problem with the work being done there.

The transmission is ordered and I hope to get it soon.

I put the car in the garage yesterday. I went back to work on it today.

The car is now up on car ramps and jack stands, with the tires off and also no disk brakes, and the brake assemblies hanging by bungee cords.

I had removed the wheel well splash guards and also the engine splash guards.

Today I also took off the crossmember and am waiting for a transmission.

The engine is supported by a 4 X 4 under it. Pictures tomorrow.

I changed the transaxle, putting back the cross member and brace.

Everything except the splash guards have been re-installed.

Here are some pictures I took today after I drove it down to the highway and about 5 miles.

Transaxle was changed and had to have the valve body cleaned.

The front wheel hub and bearings were also changed.

The car runs great and is a lot quieter.

Car was sold today and the new owners have gone to the DMV to get it registered in their name.

One less car in my driveway, although the car was a good one to drive.

I am working on my neighbors 1997 and when that is done, I have a 1995 to fix.

More to follow.