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Joe Gibbs Moves To Toyota In Nascar

By muzak, September 7, 2007

A few days ago it was announced that Joe Gibbs Racing (coach of Washington Redskins) will be switching from Chevrolet to Toyota in 2008. Well, I was defending Toyota and I can't believe how many bull headed Nascar fans hate Toyota. I could use a little help there on the forum as there are not many of us on there that want Toyota in Nascar. Heck, they can't even forget Pearl Harbour and think Japan is still the enemy. I know there's not a lot of Nascar fans on here (YET), but if you have the time, check out the forum. Thanks. will give you the Nascar is the forum..if you join...just unclick all the stuff at the end.


Some people are against anything not totally American.

Cars today are made by many countries and Toyota deserves to get some favorable attention.

Some people are just ignorant rednecks and can't handle progress. They can't understand why the world doesn't want to be like them. They can't understand why we didn't nuke Russia, why our schools are desegregated, or why American car companies are losing big time.

Hopefully, it will blow over pretty soon - just like it did in the Craftsman Truck series, where the Tundra is doing very well. They are just trying to appeal to the Midwest - a tough sell for foreign makes, but Toyota has been here for quite some time - this year is their 50th year of doing business in the US and they employ a fairly sizeable workforce and manufacturing plants IN the US.

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