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31st Toyota Nationals Victory....

By c2105026, June 23, 2007

Hello all,

Here is some news I have neglected to share.

Back at easter the 31st Toyota Nationals were held in a nearby town. I entered my '05 sedan in the show and shine. I got the chance to meet with other likewise toyota nutters, which was good; they had supras, celicas, mr2s, camrys and others there as well. All my buffing, preening and waxing must have paid off because I won the best millennium toyota (i.e. 2000-2007 model) category; I got the trophy in the mail this week.


Cool! Congratulations. What products did you use?

* turtlewax express wax (is very good, spray on and buff off. very low effort)

* turtlewax bug and tar remover

* polyglaze interior cleaner

* Armorall tyre foam

* Generic brand tyre/bumper shine

* parents vacumn cleaner

* damp cloth

* paper towel

I cleaned the interior hard plastics with a damp cloth. I used a generic brand tyre/bumper shine on mudflaps and black trim; my trick is to spray a bit on the part or a cloth and rub it in. The car was washed at a local car wash where you do it yourself with a spray wand. All I did under the bonnet was open the hood, spray with soap and rinse, comes up really well. Thoroughly hosed out the wheel arches as well.

You do not need to spend $'00s on meguiars to get decent detailing results. However, this wasn't a concours d'elegance show; these are quite a bit more fastidious than others.

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