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The Carfax Exchange Thread

By buurin, May 31, 2007

Cleared this with the99contour - he thinks it's a good idea! default_cool

So, this is meant to be the central exchange between people who bought 30 days of unlimited Carfax and generous enough to run reports for us, and those who needs to get Carfax reports done.

Willing donors post a call here, and everyone reply with the full VINs. Feel free to revive this thread when a new donor comes along. default_wink

If the report turns up something nasty, post up the report so everyone can be warned. Otherwise how you get the report across is up to you.

Here's the link one of the recent Carfax binge that happened here so you can see how it works:

(Thanks Jim aka baadpuppy default_smile )


I have just purchased a newer car and could certainly use a CarFax for it.

Anyone capable of running a report for me, let me know and I will post the VIN.


Anybody just get CarFax??

Can someone help out a poor guy begging a CARFAX report? VIN is 1GTCS14H938134430. Should come back as a 2003 GMC Sonoma Pickup.


I have a couple of VIN's, if there is a CarFax provider.

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