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lately ive been seeing alot of 4dr corollas with exhaust on them. I was wondering any spefic brands that are better than the other and will just about any work i would like a almost ricer sound idk why jus something to piss others off and the exhaust would be for a 1989 toyota corolla le 4af motor

if you want a ricer sound, buy an ebay muffler and get an exhaust shop to weld it on, or replace stock piping with custom piping. Shouldn't be much more than 150 altogether.

What is wrong with stock exhaust?


It's clearly not ricey enough.

Cause new exhaust = great powah

Fart tips are keeeewl

Yeah, I got the stock exhaust... why would you wanna put a muffler on a Corolla?

Yeah, I got the stock exhaust... why would you wanna put a muffler on a Corolla?


If they are done right, they don't look or sound bad. If fact, if done right, they look good and sound good. The problem is that 95% of the wannabe street ricers, don't do it right.

I don't have plans to put any exhaust system on my car, but if I were going to do a cat-back, the magnaflow system looked pretty good. It has a resonator to fight that ricey droning sound, and was SS and because it's magnaflow, it should have a proper muffler that looks, fits, and sounds right.

Also, the TRD bolt on should work. I think it gets a 1HP gain claim. default_smile

Just unbolt the muffler! Space it apart about a 1/4" with washers, then bolt it back up. You'll be happy

What is wrong with stock exhaust?

I would say the muffler is about the most embarassing thing on my Corolla. It looks like a sagging piece of rusty excrement hanging off the car's butt. I'm not saying we should all go for 4" fat cans, but our Corollas definately need something better looking; chrome tipped.



Chrome tip won't help with power or exhaust tone, but definitely looks better than stock coming out the back.