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By twinky64, May 11, 2007

Yesterday, I drove to Yorba Linda to look at one of my favorite cars (not correct trim though). I was shocked in disbelief. One of my all time favorite cars is the 1971 Boss 429. However, what I saw yesterday was a 1971 Mach 1 351 4V in all black with bits of chrome trim. I think that this is by far the best looking mustang built because, though it doesn't look as "masculine" as a 69 fastback, its bigger than any predecessor mustang built. Its LACK of lines, that the 65s-70s has plenty of, turns me on. Shinoda took all that flashy, do nothing, for the lack of a better word "ricey"(do nothing but look cool gizmos) look off and put some actual science behind it. What was made was the 69 302 track car that's barely streetable.

This is, like I said, one of my favorite cars. Old muscle, inefficient launch pod. I love the trapezoid lights instead of the conventional style. Its different, smoother, more stream-lined than any mustang out imo. I say that because the fast back is 17 degrees aka flat back for this gen. Also, to top it off, foldable rear seats! Here are some pics:

I was thinking. I see that newer mustangs are cheap performers. quotes that the 2000 mustang gt has a .86 skidpad, 0-60 of 5.5s, and 260hp and costs roughly about a corolla, I think. Nevertheless, their mpg is 25, some suv status right there. Although I'm not a mustang fan, I'd have to say; currently the cost of a 00 gt is 8g's and yet it can out accelerate an 02 330i. However, I think the 330i might corner better but I dunno because an 07 335i has a skidpad of .88g's, I think. For the cost, the mustang is good bang for the buck I suppose but only in the performance aspect of it. Reliability, fuel economy, aesthetics, durability, etc of a 00-04 mustang is just below zero on my scale. If I have to live with unreliability and bad fuel economy, then a car must have good aesthetics, muscle, and handling; which is what the 71 boss is to me.

Nice default_biggrin - that car is CLEAN. I too am a big fan of classis muscle cars. Have a SB Chevelle at home as well a small fleet of MOPARs (engines from Slant-6 to 440 Max Wedge).

Yeah, pretty hard to beat the performance of a newer Mustang GT - handling is not bad for a solid axle and reliability is lightyears ahead of previous incarnations of the car. But performance of imports and challenge of unlocking more power from them has really impressed me. Nothing wrong with newer muscle cars - I was half tempted to pickup a newer GTO for nearly a song and a dance. But my conscience got the better of me and stopped me in my tracks before I dived in. default_tongue

My first car at 16 was a used beat up 71 GTO 400 4barrel w/automatic (lol). I'm amazed I wasn't killed with that car.

Here is a pic of the 65 fast back that belongs to my father in law:


He recently dropped in a 302. This thing drives nicely!

VERY NICE. How much hp does that 302 have? How much does it weigh? Is it the 2007 302?



VERY NICE. How much hp does that 302 have? How much does it weigh? Is it the 2007 302?
Not sure what the numbers are. I'm not sure he has even put it on a dyno. He found the block in a junkyard and started from there.




In the parlance of some of my young neighbors, "Suh-weet!"

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