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Would These Rims With Tires Fit My 1995 Dx Corolla

by vwgolfist, April 1, 2007 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

wheels are 16x7"

wheels with an offset of ET40,

bolt pattern is 4x100

Tires are Toyo Proxes T1-S (incredible performance tires) in 185/50R16 (very rare tire size)

Two tires have 8/32" tread left (almost new),

two have 6/32" tread left but have some camber wear (they're still useable for a season or two).


It would be close to the fender - if you roll the fender lip or ride at the OEM ride height - should be OK. Toyota Corollas from 1993-2002 can take maximum offsets around 35mm-45mm, depending on tire choice and suspension mods. Most seem to hit a limit around 38mm - though I have seen some people run 15" wheels with a 42mm offset with certain brands of tire with just a bit of rubbing.

I've ran 16x7 with a 38mm offset - stock suspension with a 205/45R16 tire - rubs on bumps. After rolling the fender lip and dropping it on te TRD springs - no more rubbing, even fully laden.

With the tire that are on there - kind of an unusal size, as you mentioned. A 185 treadwidth with a 50 series profile is kind of thin to put on a 7" wheel, but still within the limits of the tire (max limit - wheel width recommened range of 5.5"-7"). If you are getting them for a killer price and don't mind some work on the body - then go for it. As they are - they will be a very tight fit without any mods to the fenders during normal driving.

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