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By Corollaguy1123, March 29, 2007

I think that maybe we should get something going here. I have been a fan of Cinna Berry for ages, and my group always showed our support by rocking a Cinna Berry tree from our rearview mirrors! I started a club in my area for EVERYONE to bring more comradery for us who are the tuners and owners. Anyone is welcome, and everyone is also, you can drive a beat up Honda, to a Bentley, as long as you have Cinna Berry, YOUR'RE PART OF THE CREW! It doesn't matter what we drive, but we all share 2 things, our love for our cars, and Cinna Berry! Lets hear it guys!

Who's Cinna Berry?


It's an air freshener.

It's basically one of the best air fresheners around... they come in the trees like the others, except they're pink. I rock mine on the mirror without any plastic, nice and strong! They're really hard to find, you may be able to find them at Advance Auto Parts, that's where I found mine! Good luck on the hunt!


What does it smell like?

Cinnamon and berry... go and pick one up!

I prefer the air freshners that have the "new car" smell. My pets don't travel in my car and I don't smoke so there is no reason to mask any smells. I prefer to have my car smelling new all the time.

I use this one that based off the cologne "Eternity", and it actually smells really good, and fresh.

I have a friend that uses Cinnaberry, and I will admit it does smell pretty good.

Think I will pass on this one too.


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