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I have 2001 Corolla CE. My back window film is all rippled. It sometimes becomes hard to view back vehicles. how much wd be the cost to replace it??

What do you mean by film? Is it tinted? Just remove the old tint and put on a new layer. If its something completely original like your defroster system, insurance should cover it under comprehensive.

It's too late to save your tint now, but what have you been using to clean it?

There is alot to learn about window film.

First off never use windex on your car windows if they have window film on them, or if your considering putting window tint on.

Windex has amonia in it and amonia oxidizes for about 3 weeks(I believe) after it is applied to a glass surface.

Use an amonia free cleaner, I use Stoners, it comes in a spray can at walmart, black with yellow top.

Now, the rippeling is most likely caused by improper film application, IE cleaning with amonia prior to applying film, or not cleaning the surface at all in the first place.

What you may need to do is tear off all the tint, and in some cases your left with glue residue, I use a razor blade to get this off, apply baby powder to the glue to make it all show up and keep it from sticking to itself, then scrape away. You will probably damage a defroster line, best bet is to just be careful as possible.

Any other tint questions can be answered here: