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New Corolla Owner And Member ? From A Newbie

Guest cosmicguy

Hello Everyone:


Its nice to be a member of this board and to share with all of the toyota fans out there

on the worldwide web.


I just bought a 2005 4 door basic corolla and I got it from my my credit union with

the extended warrenty through someone they recommended up to 100K.


First question I have about 23,000 miles do I have to take it into a toyota dealership

for the required maintenace that they have in the owners manual?


Second question In reguards to oil changes what is recommended time or mileage

3,000 miles is my guess I am still reading the 250 page manual. I have to agree

with the group with mobil 1 as being my favorite with my last oil. I had a 91 Tercel

with 300,000 miles on it before it finally went to another owner. Also I used duralube

with it and synthetic oil can crank down to 25 below. When you start out with synthetic

it is with you as long as you use the car.


Third question What would you recommend for car wax and interior cleaning of the



Thanks in advance for your help and I am looking forward to your response default_smile


Yes, follow your owner's manual or "Passport to Performance" maintenance guide. 5k or 6 mo. oil change, maybe more if you are using Mobil 1, less if you are on a severe schedule- - up to you, really. Most of us use Meguiar's products for car care (wash, polish, wax) - see the apperacxne threads for more. Welcome!


Welcome to the forum.

Good questions - keep them coming.

Of course the recommended maintenance is encouraged per your owner's manual to keep your car running forever.

There are lots of appearance enhancing products available and you can try those that have been mentioned on this website.

Good luck!!

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