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I just came across these forums recently and am new to the place. i gave about 30 mins to searching for what i was looking for and decided to just post a new topic.

i have a 2002 corolla CE and have recently bought a K&N Short Ram intake and am having a few problems installing it. before i purchased it i looked around at a few different sites to check with compatability..cause honestly...i had my doubts about it fitting a corolla ;P.

thus, i was wondering if anyone had some insite on how to mount it, because the brackets given with filter wont line up at all. thanks alot!

so you took out all the stock intake tubes and airbox right?

yes, i removed all of the stock parts, it's just too large to fit in the space. to make it work i would have to remove and relocate the fuse box, and the filter would still be jammed for space.

When you bought it - did it list the model years of fitment? Hopefully it lists a model range from 1998-2002 only.

Lots of times, I will look for fitment for a 2001 Corolla, instead of my current 2002. Reason, there is an offset of one year between overseas models and US models and many aftermarket sources do not differentiate between the two. So if you bought a 2002 intake - it might actually be for a US market 2003 Corolla - which will not work.


I had the same problem. Whoever designed it, did not do a good job of it.

On my install, I ended up with the filter more or less sitting on the brake fuild resevoir.

The other choice was to point it below the brake booster, which may have been a better choice in getting cold air to it.

I did not use any of the brackets. I did make make one, just to keep it off the actual resevoir.

The place I bought it offered me a full refund when I contacted them, but I was too lazy to take it back.

Its only a short ram, I did not feel any difference (maybe a little more pep, but no real performance gain that you can feel).

It IS much louder.


Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for a few days. it was actually listed for us four door CE, SE, and S 2002 and 2003 models. so that probably explains the problem. thanks fishexpo.

lol...sounds like we had the same problem tdk. i got irritated and called the company for a refund, and they offered it, but i have to pay to have it shipped back. I also ordered an Ingen filter, and it fit perfectly. sounds good, looks good, and i was also surpised in the little boost of pwr. Especially in the upper rpms.

why does everyone want a short ram, ps its not really ramming the air its more just a short intake ya know?

Actually, we really didnt want it - we were bored one weekend, and decided that it was an easy mod to get the owner's feet wet with.

If there is a CAI, I would have prefered it.

Did a NISMO CAI install on a Altima SER in the afternoon (1hr), then did the Corolla. Can you believe it took us longer on the corolla, just b/c we couldnt figure out where the damn thing was supposed to go?!

Next spring (its getting too cold and dark here in michigan). I was planning on measuring to see if I can make a one-off CAI (first with PVC pipe, then with steel). Again, its not really with the effort (performance wise), but an easy project to teach newbies with.

I didnt know Ingen had a corolla ram air. hmm... might be easier than making a full CAI...


to make a good cold air intake for the 7th gen corolla you have to do a few things if intrested let me know ill try and get pictures up