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1997 Corolla Egr Valve Problem

By Guest retroz, August 30, 2004 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest retroz

I bought a 97 Corolla that had been in a flood. I changed everything that needed to be changed. The only thing left is the check engine light comes on. The code is coming up "insufficient flow to the egr". I have changed out the egr valve and the code keeps popping up. I even cleaned it and soaked it in gas for a night. Any other ideas? The egr was used from a corolla with 59---. It doesn't run bad, just annoying check engine light.

Does the code keep coming back even after you reset it? Could be a problem with the charcoal canister or throttle body. The code of "insufficient flow to egr" is not uncommon. Most of the problems can be narrowed down to the emissions components - Charcoal canister, VSV, EGR, or EGR regulator. MIght be worth a shot to swap out the EGR for another, reset ECU, and see if it comes back. VSV valve will probably run from $75 to $100 - depending on who you ask.

Good Luck.

Guest retroz

I have switched out the EGR along with all the attachments that goes with it. Not too sure what they are called. I took one of my EGRs apart last night and cleaned it. It seemed that the slide was stuck. I'm going to give that a try. Where is the charcoal canister located?

The charcoal canister is right below and to the left of your master cylinder. Has a couple of check balls in there - may or may not have a VSV (Vacuum Switching Valve) connected to it - but you will have a TVV (Thermal Vacuum Valve) that works with the check valves in the canister.

The EGR vacuum modulator (right behind the EGR valve, close to the firewall) may also need to be cleaned. Just pull the top off of the modulator and make sure that the filter inside is clean.

Good Luck.

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