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Matrix Vs. Vibe

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Here in Southern Ontario, the Matrix seems to be a much better deal than the Vibe. The Vibe actually comes with a few extras for the base price, such as AC. I checked out them both today and here's some pics of the window stickers. It looks like the Matrix XR is about equal to the vibe, but a better price. The first pic is of the new TRD. Do a check at this website and you will find vehicles of last year have already lost $2,000 between the Vibe and Matrix. Please correct me if I'm wrong as I might have missed something.

Go to and compare a Vibe '05 with similar '05 Matrix with same options.

Sorry about the large files, but with the small writing, it didnt look good at a small resolution


Last week, I saw the Vibe advertised at $18995. in the papers.

At that price and if you have a GM Visa card with up to $1500., you're in business.

Or so we thought last year when shopping for one but GM wouldn't give more than 6K for our trade in whereas Toyota offered $7500. that we negotiated up to $7700. or $7800.

Even with the options at cost for the '05 Vibe during the employee price sale, the '06 Matrix XR ended up being the better deal and had alloys as a bonus.

Note that GM wants $1225. for the 4 speed automatic and Toyota "only" $1000.

But if you want cruise control and power windows on the Matrix, you have to spring for the XR. You can get both on the Vibe with the $1500. power package. The Vibe comes with a roof rack, fogs and a few other things, so depending on your needs, it might be the better deal as well.