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Seeing as this is the General Discussion, I am lucky to be joining you today. For all those that run red lights..I wish they would get an immediate suspension. I read today that it's the biggest cause of accidents here in Canada.

Today on my bike (motorcycle) I was at a major intersection and I was thinking of something else as I usually look both ways when the light is green, no matter what vehicle I'm driving. I was running on a cold motor and the motor died when I gave it gas. Low and idiot woman went right through the red light and both cars on either side of me had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting her. Both layed on the horns only to have her give a big wave as she went by. The light is even delayed, so she saw a red light for at least 3 seconds. I know my motor stalled because it was cold...or was it something else.?????


This is the main reason I stopped driving motorcycles. Idiot car drivers who are clueless. Almost got killed a couple times because of them. I figured I should quit while I'm ahead. default_blink


But...on the other hand..I had my bike licence 5 years before I had my car licence and it teaches you defensive driving in a big way. Years ago I actually had an idiot signal me to pass him and he swerved to hit me on purpose when I was trying. After a few miles in a small town I kicked his quarter panel in as he went by, only to find him pulled over by an OPP a few miles up the road. Well I stopped and told him my story and was assured he would be charged as he was DUI.


Running red lights is a serious hazard and extremely dangerous. I have gone thru some yellow ones, but never red.

It is due to people not paying attention to their driving.

They need to "Hang up the phone" and drive!!