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Fiberglass Resin

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Need help, how do I remove dried fiberglass resin on my car? Any solutions you think might help, insults wont.



You might try clay bar, or even rubbing alcohol.


time, it'll eventually just come off on its own. if you pick at it you can pull the paint off with it. a good layer of wax would have helped keep it from sticking.

If the resin is still soft - solvents like acetone can pull it off. Also epends on what it is stuck to - carpet, some plastics, porous surfaces - you could be SOL. If on painted surfaces or bare metal - can be peeled off - but depending on the state of cure and type of resin used - might have to resort to scraping it off with a razor blade or sanding it down.


You could try cleaners that are meant to remove tough items, such as tree sap and tar.