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Exchange Rate

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Last week I wanted a part for my bike which was $50.00 in their catalogue in Hamilton Ontario. I was told that is the price in US funds, so it would cost me $82.00 CDN !! I figured out the exchange rate and it should have cost about $55 CDN. Of course when I asked, I was told I would have to pay in CDN funds.

The fact is, even when we buy a magazine here with the 2 prices we are still getting ripped off by the distributors somwehere.

Was the item located in the US or was it in Canada? - I remember that you guys also pay different types of tax PST/GST/HST plus whatever the distributor adds on top > sounds too confusing to me default_ohmy

Exchange rates, anywhere, is a prime area for people to get ripped off. Even credit card companies and banks charge you exchange fees - even if you pay with the native money.


Exchange rates always favor those that take advantage of the differences. There are those that will exploit the conversion. The only defense is to shop around and try and get the best deal. Some people just settle for whatever they can get.