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2001 Corolla

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I just bought a new set of speakers for my corolla and I would like to install, but I can not determine how to get to door panel nor the back two. Can someone please help me with either a website or instrucation on replacing all four speakers. Your help would be greatly apprecaited.


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I have a 2002 Corolla, and if it is anything like mine, follow instructions below.....

Take the arm rest on the door off (it pulls off easily). There should be two screws where the armrest is. Unscrew them, and then take the screw out of the door handle. You then need to take the window crank off (if you dont have electric windows). To do so, push against the door panel, so you can see which way the retainer clip on the window crank is facing, make sure that the clip is facing up. Wedge your shirt between the window crank and the door panel, and pull upward on your shirt. The clip should come out, and the window crank should come right off.

After doing this, adjust your door handle so you can pull the panel off, and then pop off all the snaps on the door, and lift the door over the lock by the window, and you should be set to go.

Instant message me if you need help - TBayBuc40.

Or just reply.

Hope that helps.

I will certainly look you up if I cant figure it out from your posting. Is is it easy to put back together? and also what about the back ones? I will probably take a look at it sometime this week. Did you put new speakers in yours and how did they sound? did you get a new stero to go with it?

I really apprecaite your help