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1991 Corolla

by pwl1234, February 7, 2006 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Has anyone done a rear wheel bearing repair? My drivers side rear bearing is starting to go. Thanks for any info.


Not too bad - but you need to decide to replace just the bearing or the whole hub assembly. Usually if the bearing goes - the hub willl have to be replaced, but not always the case. If you just replace the bearing and hub is out of sepc - the bearing will quickly be eaten up and you have to get at it again.

Basically, the steps are:

- remove tire and wheel (don't set rear brake, easy to forget).

- remove brake drum or disc (depending on model)

- remove brake components

- remove hub bolts (there should be a hole in the hub face that will allow you to remove all the bolts - should be four of them).

- pull of hub and associated o-ring.

Bearing is inside of the hun - you will need to get a rebuild kit if you plan on rebuilding the existing hub. Need to have the bearing pressed out - a local shop can do this for pretty cheap - $40-$60 at most places - just bring in all the parts and they will assembly it for you right there. Might be cheaper/easier to replace the whole hub - just remove and replace.


I have done them myself. Just follow the manual and remove everything to get to the bearings. I have pulled out the bearing and then pressed in a new one. Not too difficult. Just remember to use even pressure all around the new bearing so it goes in straight. Use plenty of wheel grease to get it packed tight. Put it all back together and take it out for a test drive. Makes a big difference in rolling resistance and feel. Should be quiter with new greased bearings. Also do both sides, not just one - if one side is bad chances are the other needs replacing as well.

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