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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever downsized or minus sized to 16" steelies on a 2011 and up Sienna. Oem is 17". By doing so, opens up allot more options for tires- winters to be more specific. Will 16" steel wheels fit around the brake calipers? Winter is approaching fast and soon here in Canada and 17" tire options are limited and quite expensive. Can't find much below $180 apiece. Any comments will be appreciated. Tks
  2. Not bad for a old car huh? Took off the 14" 195/60s and put on new 16" 205/45s. It handles corners better with the wider lower profile tires and should improve grip in the rain too since the 195 likes to skid during takeoff in the rain. Tein H Teck lowering springs are on their way which will help handling, lessen the wheel well gap and improve the car's resistance against side winds at high speeds while only being a mild drop of around 1.5" in the front and .8" in the rear so I don't bottom out when turning into parking lots. I also sanded the dark grey rusty drums and used high temp
  3. One thing about my 8th gen, it had a better body style and the wheels had great swoopy hubcaps. I'm curious, assuming the wheels are among the first thing people change when they buy a new one (next to the sound system, that is), what style wheels has anyone replaced theirs with on their 2003-present car? Thanks!
  4. Okay, so I was browsing the TireRack and DIscount Tire Direct the other day and saw a bunch of wheels that looked good on my car. But all of the different wheels ranged from the stock size of 14" all the way up to 18". My question is, 1) What is the best size of rims to go with as far as (firstly) maximizing roadholding ability and (secondly) looking good? 2) What kind of offset is needed with the rims that are the best choice? So far my top pick as far as looks and value was the 16" MB Wheels Weapon in gunmetal finish. (My car is a very dark shade of green pearl) Thanks in adv
  5. sons new 1990 corolla came with 13 inch steel wheels.two wheels are honda 4 lug wheels.3 sizes of 13' tires..are 13' wheels stock size for 90? what size wheel and tires are you running on your 1990 corolla
  6. Hey people, I recently bought a 2001 Toyota Corolla CE Auto with 130,000 miles on it (purchase early this year). When I bought it, I noticed it had a bit of a wobble to it. So I took it in, they said I needed new front Rims. So I went to the junkyard, bought used rims, the guy that installed them said they were straight. A couple months later, I noticed a wobble in the rears. So I took it in, and they said all the rims were bent (including the front ones). So I went to a different junkyard, bought 4 rims. 3 months later, it starts to wobble. I take it in, they tell me I have bent f
  7. Hey guys just wanted to know if a set of lexus 16in wheels will fit a 2002 corolla? Cheers
  8. hi community... this is will be my first post on corollaland.com i recently got a 2001 toyota corolla LE from my Godfather, also, i bought a set of 15" scion xd oem wheels, but i'm not sure about what size of tire should i buy to wrapped up these 15" wheels. i have a dilema between 205/55rR15 or 205/50R15, anyone have these sizes on their corolla 1998-2002? any rubbing issues? if there are no rubbing i will prefer to install the 205/55rR15 instead 205/50R15, because i like more rubber. thanks for helping me, i will post some pictures of my wheels after installation
  9. I've had a 2001 Corolla LE for about four years now, and I've just bent one of its steel wheels beyond repair for the third time. Once hitting a block of wood that fell out of a truck, once hitting a piece of tire tread on the freeway, and this time I'm not even sure how I bent it. I do not think that it is normal for wheels to bend so easily, and the Toyota Dealership here wants something ridiculous for them. I do not remember exactly, but I think it was in the $90 range. I've looked around a little and have been completely unsuccessful at finding them at wheel and tire shops. Because I
  10. I am putting some links to pics i have on myspace. Just looking to see what yall think about my 07. If you cant view the pics or if you can, could some post to let me know either way. Thanks. Ok the myspace thing did not work out. Lets try this.
  11. So i decided to take fishes advice and not go for the 14 inch wheels. OI looked at my car and don't think the clearance is there for the calipers. Plus there is the centerbore question... Now I'm thinking of getting prius wheels. Do yuo think they will help gas mileage? They must be light, and aerodynamic. I found some prius owners online who said when they switched to 17inch (scion tc) wheels, they lost 4-5mpg... Ben
  12. After getting a warning from the city worker about having a car up on jackstands in the driveway, I decided to move it into my garage. It has no transmission and I had removed both drive shafts. I re-installed the crossmember and supported the engine, before down-jacking it. When I tried pushing the car, the wheel just about fell off. The inner bearing race fell out and the wheel leaned over to the side. I had already removed the rotor and the brake assembly (the assembly was hanging by bungee cords). The only thing holding the wheel on was the four studs attached to the hub, rid
  13. I'm looking for a pair of winter wheels and a friend has a 14" set off a 91 Celica GTS. Any idea if they would fit? Thanks
  14. I want to get a set (4) winter tires for my '04 Corolla. So, I'm looking for 4 steel rims to mount them on. Where is the best place to find them? I've had no luck at the wrecking yards around here. Thanks!
  15. Anyone have any good trick to removing a front wheel that is stuck. I took the 4 lug nuts off but the wheel won't come off. BTW - 95 Geo Prism
  16. There's a set of wheels I'd like to buy, but they are 5.5" wide. My '93 has stock wheels at the moment wearing 195/60R14s, but I can't find the stock wheel width specs for comparison. Is a 195 width tire too wide for that wheel width? I think the tire would extend 3/4" beyond the front and back of the wheel. I don't want to have to switch to narrower tires just so I can install these particular aftermarket wheels.
  17. I've been looking at buying some ultra lightweight wheels to improve my acceleration. Originally I was looking at the ones on wheelrack.com called "Sport Edition D5", size 14"x6". They weigh in at 12.8 lbs. Then I came across BBS in my searching on eBay for even lighter wheels. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...A:IT&ih=013 These BBS wheels are from the 93 Miata special edition and weigh in at only 8.5 lbs. The only issue is that it looks like they are one of those rare things thats going to cost me (and auction for a set of 4 last week ended at over $700). If I bought the
  18. Guest

    Swapping Stock Wheels

    I have a 2001 Corolla CE with 175P65R14 size tires. The hub caps are pretty torn up and I've found a guy selling a set of stock wheels and tires off of a 2004 Corolla S. The new tires are bigger at 195P65R15. Has anyone tried swapping these before and was there any issue with clearance?
  19. I've got a couple bent wheels on my ride - I'm about ready to replace the damn things, anyone know a good place to source 3 or so? (I want a full sized spare too) I'd like to just buy steel wheels unless i can find a full set of alloy for the cheap.
  20. Will the SRT-4 Wheels fit on a 2004 Corolla CE. The SRT-4 Wheel size is 205/50/17
  21. Well, these are the tires on my car. These are mounted on stock steel wheels with stock hubcaps. I believe they have more than 80% of their tread left. Looking at the specs for the tire, they seem to be reasonable (S speed rating, A traction, B temperature). My personal experience is that the rain traction isn't as good as I would hope for. But then, I once had some awesome tires on my old ford probe, and they felt like they were glued to the road. Frankly, the stock wheels and hubcaps are ugly. I've never been a big fan of flashy wheels, but I wouldn't mind something reasonable. I'v
  22. Hi all, I have a 2004 Corolla LE with 57,000 miles here in Central Florida. I bought the car new in Tampa. I recently noticed that all 4 OEM steel wheels are rusting. I do have an extended warranty bumper-to-bumper for 60,000 miles from Southeast Toyota Distributors. Is this a common occurrence on the 9th gen Corollas? I previously owned '78 and '90 Corollas with non-rusty wheels. Extended warranty from SE Toyota should cover this, right?
  23. I have a 94 corolla. I want to buy 16x7" wheels , but I don't know how to size the lugs. I couldn't find this information anywhere. I am doing this to help my traction issues that I have been having recenlty. I also wanted to know if aftermarket suspension would help.
  24. Does anyone have 2 OEM Toyota Corolla 15 x 6, 5-lug steel wheels for a 2005 Corolla for sale? If you do, please email me. Thanks
  25. I know the general concensus is that a larger diameter wheel equates to less mileage...or is it? I want to go to a 17 inch wheel and new tires, since we all know the OE tires suck. As long as the overall diameter of the tire is +/- 3% of the original 195/55R15 then wouldn't the mileage remain about the same? The +/- 3% of the original tire diameter is considered replacement by most tire shops...it keeps your speedo consistent, or so they say. Does anyone have some experience with this sort of thing?
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