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Found 6 results

  1. hi community... this is will be my first post on corollaland.com i recently got a 2001 toyota corolla LE from my Godfather, also, i bought a set of 15" scion xd oem wheels, but i'm not sure about what size of tire should i buy to wrapped up these 15" wheels. i have a dilema between 205/55rR15 or 205/50R15, anyone have these sizes on their corolla 1998-2002? any rubbing issues? if there are no rubbing i will prefer to install the 205/55rR15 instead 205/50R15, because i like more rubber. thanks for helping me, i will post some pictures of my wheels after installation
  2. I was at the Dealership yesterday....getting my car (2001 Corolla CE) check for a "Check Engine Light"....which I later found it a defective CAT Converter (code: P0420). Anyway, I was looking at these "weird" looking vehicles, calling themselves "Scion"....I was paying close attention to Scion xA. I like the styling, and the price (about $13,000), not to mention the 32/38mpg. Is Scion xA a good buy? Is it a better drive than my 2001 Corolla CE (77,800 miles already).....I know...I drive a lot...well, you have to, in Los Angeles. - Uchok00
  3. Yesterday I saw a Scion xA in the parking lot. It's pretty small, I think it's smaller than the current gen. Corolla. It almost looks like a smaller PT Cruiser. Now I saw a CM for the FJ Cruiser...are they getting rid of the other SUVs (minus the RAV4). It looks like a big Jeep.
  4. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/09/automobi...09dt-scion.html
  5. I was seeing some Scion sedans on the road, and I wonder if those are as popular as Acuras and Infinities? If I had the money, I wonder if I would be better off getting a Scion, or an Avalon? (but that's many many many years away yet..)
  6. Guest

    Scion Wheels

    Do any Scion wheels fit a 2003 Corolla S model? What are some good looking wheels that fit on a Type S Corolla?
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