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Found 9 results

  1. I assume your buying used...where do you get your deals and how do you screen your potential Toyotas to avoid lemons...do you have a mechanic or you inspect yourself ?? thanks..
  2. Just returned from Ireland and saw some great European cars; versions and models I'd love to see in this gas guzzling country. The Toyota Corolla Hatchback and Verso were sleek, and the Hatchback had nice torque on the windy roads. The car that really zipped was the Aygo...a joint venture model that gets 55mpg highway. Does anyone know if these "smaller" models will ever be offered in the USA? Thanks.
  3. Just curious what your second favorite Toyotas might be...
  4. I looked at a blue Corolla and a blue Civic, and I like the Civic's blue better. I also like the light teal color of the Civic, but I think the current Cactus Mica is similar color. I like the dark plum color Civic, but I have never seen those type of colors on the Corolla. The 8th gen. had a decent maroon and dark teal color, but currently that's discontinued.
  5. At the back of the lot of my local dealership here I find there is a section marked "Wholesale". It's the lower priced trade-ins that Toyota doesn't sell in their used section next door to them. I was wondering if any of those "as is" cars are worth buying as I guess it may be more of a gamble than buying some car from a used lot with a 30 day warranty. Example....'99 Tercel with 60,000 miles (100k) for $4,500 CDN...and what a "beaut". But......"AS IS".
  6. Link picked up on another site - pretty funny in a way. Reminds me of the story of the little Toyota pickup that someone drove at a GM factory in the 80's. They beat the heck out of everyday because it was just a POS Japanese wannabe trucklet. To this day - the original owner still has it and still driving it (no longer with GM since his plant was idled a few yeara ago). http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2402060372341641699
  7. I was watching Japanese tv. (We have asian channel on our cable) They had an ad for a Chevorlet. So, I was talking on the phone w/my friend and asked her. Do you think the Japanese make better Chevys than Americans make Toyotas? I think since it's true that GM and Toyota have some sort of agreement, some Chevys are made in Japan for the Japanese public. Would you buy a Japanese Chevy over a Toyota? (Japanese or American/Canadian made?) Or do you prefer your cars (wherever they were manufactured)
  8. Does anyone on this forum have a 2003-2005 Corolla ?
  9. Folks, I have one simple question, if the corolla and civic are as the entire world say trouble and maintenance free. Why people going to sell them!!!? In my opinion, if my car performs well and maintenance-free I will never think to sell it, unless I have a serious problem with it. Could you please, explain to me why people think about selling their good behavior cars!!!?
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