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Found 3 results

  1. Recently my horn just stopped working. I checked the fuse and it is fine...I doesnt look burned. Does anyone else know what it could be? Thanks!
  2. i got a phone call and pulled into local park to talk. a hunderd ducks and geese surrounded the car i couldnt move. i hit the horn and no horn. the entire horn assembly that houses the air bag seemed unusaually loose and way to easy to move. eventually i got one honk out of it and that was it. as mentioned in another post reply its nasty winter in chicagoland ,no way for and old guy with no garage to be messing with the car. lost job last year suddenly, so no cash flow for my mechanic . I got factory manuals for the 04 corolla, i always try to do as much D.I.Y. as possible. all ad
  3. 2003 CE A couple of weeks ago, my airbag light came on without reason. I also noticed that my horn was not working. I checked the wires for the horn, and they are good...horn works when you "jump it". Common sense tells me that these two issues might be related, I just don't know how or what to check. Can anyone point me in the direction on what to check? I replaced the clock spring, NO change. Thanks in advance!!
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