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  1. Well whats one more product be for I sale the beast. I'll give it a go tommarrow and let you know if it worked or not. Thanks for the info.
  2. I had been putting it in both the engine oil and gas regualarly once I found out what an oiloholic it was. Up until I lost the compression in the #3 cyclindar.
  3. Around here (salem oregon) I can get a used o1 for 750, without knowing the milage. I can get one with knowing the milage for 900. With the engine reputation, I think I'm going to sale if for what I can get as a mechanics special. The car is clean and straight and when it was running good I was getting 40-42 phg. But still I just can't see putting more money into it. I tried the seafoam, 1-1/2 cans, it didn't make any difference. Even took out the plug and poured 1/3 of can right in and let it set over night. Oh well. Thank you all for all the help and suggestions.
  4. Thank you, I'll give the seaform a try. I say on another thread a detailed explanation from seafoam on how to do that.
  5. My 2001 CE has no (or very little) compression on #3 cylinder. I cannot deal with this. More money than I have to replace or repair the thing, and beyond my ability to do it my self. The car (other than the engine) is in good shape. Everything else works, the air is cold. Does anyone have an idea what would be a fair price under the cercomstance? Its located in Salem Or. Would really appreciate any input. And I would like it to go to someone with the abliity to fix it or use its parts, rather than just taking it to a salvage yard.
  6. Bikemans right about mabye not puttng any oil in with the last change. But the 2001 is also one of the ones that all of a sudden start consumming vast quantities of oil. I would start checking it every time befor you drive, at least for a few day. They also seem to consume more during highway driving than just around town. I have one that I'm having to get a different engine for right now. 700-900 dollars just for used engine from a salvage yard. Lucky my bother inlaw is a pretty good mechanic and is going to let me help him. Mechanic shops in my area want more then the car is worth to do the job. Good luck.
  7. Thanks again. Hopefully I wll find a 2001 and not have to deal with anything but swaping the engine.
  8. Thank you. I'll be staying with 2001-02 then for sure. Electronic stuff not being my strong suit. What kind of tweak(s) are the most common?
  9. The engine in my 2001 CE is dead. I'm planning on replaceing it with a used one. I want to avoid any communication problems between the car and the new engine. Is the 2001 model engine the only one that will avoid these kind of problems?
  10. Drive it for a while and see if the CEL comes back on. It might be the Seafoam affecting the sensors. I've put about 100 miles on it so far and the lights still off. So far.
  11. I have 2001 CE and have been adding sea foam to the gas. The last time I did it about 30 min later the check engine light came on. Having just read this thread, I disconected the battery for a while, and off went the light.
  12. The 60 miles was round trip so only had to add when I got back. Just did a 250 Mile round trip this week end and it is up to just shy of 190 miles per quart. Making a little progress. Wish it was a two cycle, would probably be even better mpg.
  13. A quart every 60 miles?!?!? So once per hour (highway) you were pulling over to add a quart?
  14. A quart every 60 miles?!?!? So once per hour (highway) you were pulling over to add a quart?