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  1. So my 2000 Corolla has just hit its first winter here in New Hampshire, and I had a couple of questions if anyone had any helpful advice they wanted to share. First I had a question about tires. So I purchased this car used about a year ago and I am not sure what kind of tires it has on it (I have looked all over them, but I don't see a name anywhere). I have, however, gotten stuck in the snow a couple of times, and I was wondering if I needed to get some different tires. Living in New Hampshire, is it reasonable to just use all season tires, or should I really be looking at snow tires? Also does anyone have any recommendations on some good winter snow tires (I have read the posts below on some good all season tires and I will look into those)? On a side note, this is my first car and I have never purchased tires before. As a general rule are there places to get some good deals or avoid all together when shopping for tires? Secondly, during the summer I had been getting about 38 mpg with my car (I don't use the AC) but now I am only getting about 30 mpg. I have talked to some people and they said that in the winter you get worse gas milage cause the cold air is thinner. Does this sound right? Seems like there could be something I could adjust to fix this. Thanks for any advice!
  2. Thank you everyone for your advice on the situation. It has really been helpful. I was kind of worried that maybe the dealer was taking advantage of me, but it sounds like I am just having some bad luck. So I think I will just keep my car registered where I don't need to do the inspection, and then after saving up some money I will try to replace the purge valve myself (it doesn't sound like it will hurt anything to wait a bit to get it replaced). Speaking of replacing the part though, on my way home from school today, the check engine light went off all on its own. I didn't know it would do that. So we will see if it comes on again soon. Thanks again for all your help to a new car owner (and new Corolla owner). PS. I tried replacing the gas cap, with a new one from Toyota, and it sounds like it is making a good seal with the tank when I try to open it. Thanks for that hint though!
  3. Hello Everyone, I am rather new to Corolland, but I have had some bad luck recently with my Corolla, and would really appreciate any advice. I have a 2000 VE Corolla with 130,000 miles. I just started graduate school in a state that has a required emissions inspection. When moving to college however, my check engine light came on. I took the car to the local Toyota dealer where they found the code P0171, and cleaned the MAF. About a week later however (and after refilling the gas take), the check engine light came on again so I took it back to the dealer. This time they found the codes P0440, P0441 and P0446. They told me that they checked the EVAP system with a smoke tester and found no leaks and therefore I needed a new EVAP Canister at a cost (with installation) of $430. So I did this repair too, but low and behold it has been another week and after refilling the gas the check engine light is on again! So I took it back to the dealer and the code that is coming on is the P0441 again, which they claim is the CK Purge Valve and it is going to cost $155 to get a new one installed. Does this seem reasonable? I am a little confused why the dealer didn't diagnose all these problems the first time. In addition to having to pay another diagnostic fee every time I take the car back, I worry that I am paying for repairs that might not be the source of the problem. Furthermore after they fix the CK purge Valve, who is to say that the check engine light will not just come on again. I mean the car runs fine, has good pickup, gas mileage, and idles smoothly. So my dilemma is this, since I have gone this far with the dealer already (basically spent all my savings), should I just go ahead and get this fixed too, or should I just leave it (I can keep my car registered at my home town and then I don't have to worry about passing the inspection). Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  4. Thank you JeffG, that is good news! I figured that would be the case, but when the car started sputtering I got a little paranoid about it all. Hopefully the sputtering was all in my head though and really there is nothing wrong at all So now I just need to learn how to take the fuel filter off. Does anyone have any suggestions on good repair books for the Corolla? Unfortunately the bolt is stainless steel, so a magnet isn't going to work... Thanks again for your response, I can rest easy now!
  5. Hello! So this weekend I purchased my first car, a green 2000 Toyota Corolla VE with 130,000 miles on it. I am very excited to have this car, and look forward to learning some basic repairs and helping this car last quite a few years. I do however, have one question. As embarrassed as I am to admit this...I was changing the battery today, and while doing so I accidentally dropped a bolt down the cold air intake vent which is located right next to the battery. So my first question is, what should I do?! Is this going to ruin my car? Twice today I noticed that when I tried to accelerate, the engine sort of sputtered. This is not something I noticed these last few days, could this be related to the bolt? I apologize if this post seems kind of naive, but it is my first car. And any advice would be greatly appreciated!