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  1. So I had foot surgery mid- September, and have had to let my '95 corolla sit in my driveway for a few months. I recently took it out for a spin (of course she fired right up), but noticed that when I turned my on my heat, a horrible noise came from the blower motor, and some debris flew out of the vents. I have a bunch of crappy trees in my yard, so I suspected that a ton of pods made there way past the screen by the windshield, and clogged up the blower motor. So, I pulled the motor and discovered that it was packed full with leaves! I suspect a mouse decided to make it their home, but HOW THE HECK DID A MOUSE GET INSIDE??? All of the screen are in place, and nothing is missing. Please help me understand how they got in there. Thanks
  2. I just noticed that on my 1995 Corolla DX Sedan, when I apply my brakes, the parking lights and dash lights turn on - when I release the brake, the lights go off. When the parking lights go on, they are not as bright as when I actually turn the parking lights to the "on" position. Any ideas as to how to go about fixing this?? Thanks!
  3. OK - I know that this is low miles for a 95 DX, and it will go for another 100,000 miles, but hey, it is still something to celebrate, right!!!! Thanks old pal!!!!
  4. I just pulled the front tire for the first time on my '95, and noticed that when I pulled the tire off the lugs, I could move the rotor slightly in and out (towards and away) from the hub. The only thing that seemed to be holding the rotor in place was the caliber/pads. Does this sound right????
  5. I recently had my driver side axle shaft / cv joints replaced. Upon replacement, I am getting a rythmic squeak coming from that same wheel. The squeak is dependent on wheel rotation, and is independent on braking or accelerating. The squeak does not occur when the car is cold - but after a few minutes of driving, the squeak appears. Note - I previously had the hub/wheel bearing assemblt replaced on this same side , but before the new axle was installed, there was no squeak. Could this just be a defective axle shaft? To replace the axle shaft, do they need to remove the hub/wheel bearing assembly? Could they have not re-installed everything back together correctly? Thanks
  6. I had the EXACT same thing happen on my 95! It was due to a corroded tail light bulb/socket. I would remove both tail lights and all the bulbs. There will most likely be one or more that is badly corroded and creates a short. Take a wire brush or some steel wood to each socket, and brush the conact on each bulb. You might want to just replace all the bulbs while you are at it. Hope it helps - That fixed it for me.
  7. Total was $250 and included them having to press out the old one and put in the new one.
  8. Hi All - thanks for all the replies on this. I just wanted to close the loop on this one.... Turns out the problem was the drivers side wheel bearing & hub. With the car on the lift, the drivers side tire had a bit of movement (but not a ton). When they took the hub out and tugged on the bearing, there was a LOT more movement. Upon removal of the bearing it was discovered that the mating surface on the hub was all chewed up. Aside from the clunk at load/no load which happened all the time, the chattering/shaking/vibration only happened after I drove for 20-30 minutes. I bet that once the bearing heated up, it became a lot looser and was causing all sorts of havoc which caused the chatter/shaking/vibration. New hub and bearing assembly and no more clunk, and no more chatter. Problem solved! Thanks
  9. OK - First off - sorry for the long post!!! I have 82k on my 95 DX with Auto Trans. I recently replaced the passenger and front & rear motor mounts (not the trans mount) becuase of a wicked vibration issue (the passenger side mount fixed the vibration issue completely). About a month or so ago, I noticed that when I gave the car gas or let off the gas, I could hear a slight "click" or "clunk" originating from what I could tell was the front right wheel. I went under the car and tugged at everything I could think of and everything was tight. I then rocked the car back & forth (while in Park) and could hear a clicking sound every time the car would come to the end of a rocking cycle (forward and backward). No clicking when turning, no grinding while accelerating. Then, this weekend, I am on the highway going about 60mph and I go to accelerate to 70mph and all of a sudden I get this wierd shimmy and grinding noise coming from the the front end. As soon as I let my foot off the gas the shimmy and grinding noise go away - a few cycles of this and then all is well again. I then try to replicate the shimmy and grinding by accelerating at the same speeds as before, and I can't make it happen. I then drive another 30 miles at highway speeds and come to my street. i then notice that there is a metallic squeeking sound (I think from the front end) that gets worse when i apply the brakes and/or turn the wheel. I turn around to duplicate it, and I can't make it happen again. I took it to a shop and they said that my trans mount was bad. I realize that this could be the cause of the clunking when taking my foot on and off the gas, but could it be responsible for the other intermittant symptoms? Any ideas out there what could be causing these symptoms? I initially thought my CV joints or wheel bearings were going bad, but due to the wierd intermittant symptoms, I am clueless. Thanks for any and all replies!!!!
  10. Although I have an older Corolla (95), I had a smiliar experience. After I did a complete tune up (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, etc - with all aftermarket crap) I started getting all sorts of funky codes. One by one i replaced everything with OEM Toyota parts (except the rotor) and I was still getting codes. I then replaced the rotor with OEM, and all was good. These cars do not like aftermarket ignition parts - make sure you are running OEM. Just my $0.02
  11. After I did my check on the cv joints, I took it to a local Midas place to get their opinion. They say that they can't find anything wrong with the CV joints, and that it is most likely the trans? This is the same shop that swore that there was nothing wrong with my passenger side motor mount (and that turned out to the one that was causing all my vibration issues), so I am not to confident in their diagnosis. Are there any parts in the differential that can cause this problem? I drive the car pretty easy and am good with maintainence, so at 82k I am shocked that I might need a new trans . It shifts smooth, and goes into and out of drive, park, reverse, etc smooth with no clunks...
  12. Thanks for your replies! I took a look underneath - I shook everything real good and everything seems tight. However, while under the car and rocking the car back and forth (in Park), if I put my hand on the outer drivers CV joint, I can definately feel a "click". So I am thinking that CV joint is headed south. . What stinks is that the boots look good with no cracks or signs of leakage. With only 82k on the odometer, isn't this a premature failure for factory CV joints?
  13. My 95DX with 82k and auto trans has begun to make a click/clunk sound when I hit the gas hard and/or let off the gas suddenly. I can also feel the click/clunk. Trans has been flushed on a regular basis and fluid has always been pink. Trans filter has not been changed - pan has never been dropped. There is no noise when turning and there is no abnormal noise when you go over bumps. Could this be indicative of inner CV joints going south???? NOTE - I did just change motor mounts within the last few months (not the trans mount). Would a worn trans mount make this noise??? THANKS!!!!

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